Our Team

A progressive corporate catering services business with flair!

Established in Queensland 1980, Garnishes Catering has earned its reputation and respect in hospitality for its catering service and attention to detail. The company has over 40 years of event and corporate catering services experience.

Winning awards such as “Best Corporate Caterer” by the Restaurants and Caterers Association (QLD), and Quest Community Newspaper’s “Business Achiever Awards”, our company set the standards and redefines the culinary arts in Brisbane and the great South East.

Chris Stowe – Director, Garnishes Catering

With an enviable breadth of experience in the hospitality industry, Chris is our “action” man.

Chris has “earned his stripes” in the hospitality industry – pursuing his passion for service since he left high school.  Beginning as a part-time commix-waiter for Lou Merlo at his restaurant/nightclub ‘Luciano’s’ and subsequently working at the New York Hotel in Brisbane, where he became the duty manager within 3 years. In 1988, during World Expo, Chris commenced as Catering Manager of Garnishes/Court Terrace Catering working closely with business owner, well known food guru and industry icon Spiro Levanes.

Whilst holding this position and not content to sit on his laurels, Chris also worked as Corporate Catering Manager at ANZ Stadium with Brisbane identity and Broncos founder, Gary Balkin. It was a thrilling 10 years as  he worked in some of the most high-profile and elite functions, catering from thousands of corporate box guests in events such as the 1982 Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup, and concerts for Madonna, Billy Joel, Elton John, and U2.

Chris’s extensive background in catering and event management has provided him with a wide range of skills to suit any style and size of function. In January 2004 Chris purchased Court Terrace Restaurant & Catering, now Garnishes Catering, with business partner Glenn Jones. A highlight for Chris was catering for the G20 Leaders’ Spouse Visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, hosted by the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s wife, where spouses of World Leaders enjoyed our Aussie Themed Morning Tea.

“There is always a thirst and hunger for what is new – the challenge is to be innovative as well as maintaining the highest quality and consistency of our signature dishes.”


Sarah Stowe- Executive Chef, Garnishes Catering

Sarah is our “quiet achiever” – her culinary creativity speaks for itself.

Inspired by her mother’s home-baked treats, Sarah aspired to be a chef from childhood. In May 1999 she commenced her career as an apprentice, being taught and inspired by culinary veteran Spiro Levanes from the Melbourne Hotel, Greek Taverna and Expo 88’ fame. Levanes’ passion and “old-school” dedication to detail shaped Sarah’s approach to catering, giving her the drive for excellence and precision which she brings in her role as executive chef of Garnishes kitchen.

As well as being an exceptional leader and coach to our cooking staff, Sarah continually strives to learn and be inspired by those she encounters. As Executive Chef, she is constantly looking for new ideas and skills to bring to the business and actively scanning the latest trends in the culinary arts from around the globe to present our clients with new and innovative menus. Sarah’s food is renowned for its quality, flavour and most importantly presentation.  The in-house created hors d’oeuvres, in particular, have a reputation of their own, as do her delicate cupcakes which are beautifully decorated and made to order.

“I am dedicated to maintaining my own, and the company’s, reputation for excellence and attention to detail and I am always willing to personalise our menus for clients to ensure that their guests have a memorable experience.”

Sarah has “come through the ranks” at Garnishes.  She worked her full apprenticeship at Garnishes and has continued to serve the business and it’s clients for 23 years – a rare achievement in today’s constantly changing workforce.  By anyone’s standards, Sarah has proven not only her own personal reliability but also her commitment to reliably and creatively serving her clients.


Glenn Jones – Director, Garnishes Catering

Glenn is our “ideas man” – the administrative force behind the business.

Glenn has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and has an extensive background in the supply of commercial kitchen/catering equipment.  He has a wealth of international experience, having worked in a number of elite overseas establishments such as The Selfridge Hotel in London, where he was offered a prestigious appointment to their Banqueting Team.  Glenn’s background encompasses a broad spectrum of range of fields across the industry – from being part of the corporate catering management team at ANZ Stadium to business owner/manager.

“Commercial kitchen and catering equipment has always been my focus. While the quality of your ingredients and the quality of your chef is important, there is an equally critical third factor – your equipment – which is often overlooked.  The standard and functionality of your equipment directly affects the way your food is presented, the way it tastes and its safety.”

A highlight of Glenn’s career was attending NAFEM (North American Food Equipment Manufacturer Expo), regarded as the premier global exposition for commercial catering equipment.  Inspired by the world-class food safety standards presented at the expo, Glenn has been actively involved in an advocacy role in conjunction with industry and government bodies in the development of the Food Safety Program. Glenn applies this ‘whole industry focus’ to his role in the administration of Garnishes, ensuring that the business maintains efficient business processes, maintains its regulatory requirements in terms of food handling and safety, staff training and development.

Glenn maintains an active, “hands-on” role in the business and is continually seeking knowledge in all areas of the industry – whether it is the latest trends in food, equipment or industry development – to ensure that Garnishes continues to present its clients with exemplary service.