We’re Gold Licensed Caterers!

An Accredited Gold Licence Corporate Caterer gives you peace of mind backed by Restaurant and Catering Association.

A Gold Licensed Caterer must have:- Commercial Kitchen: A legal requirement for preparation, adequate refrigeration for food storage, appropriate facilities for transportation of food and the handling of food on sale.

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Up-to-date and Relevant Insurances: The caterer must provide protection of consumers by taking out public and product liability and worker compensation insurances. Training and/or Experience: Gold Licence caterers must have or employ a senior person who has five years’ experience within the hospitality industry, in food preparation or catering management, or an employee who has trade qualifications in cooking. Being specialists in corporate catering in Brisbane, our staff is competent in not only catering aspects but also party management.
The Cheapest Deal is Not Necessarily the Safest! Whatever the occasion, it is crucial that you can use a caterer with confidence that they comply with food hygiene laws and are trained in food handling.

The Accreditation Process: An independent Accreditation Board has been established in each state to undertake the approval of Gold Licence Caterers. The Board consists of representatives from governing industry bodies and State Accreditation Sub-Committee. Restaurant and Catering Australia has a commitment to industry standards through the establishment of the Caterers Gold Licence Accreditation Scheme.